Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lincoln vs. Omaha Winter Commuter Smackdown

The results are in for the month of November in the Lincoln Omaha Winter Commuter Challenge. To achieve these results I have compiled the commuting trips based on location to help remove people who may be participating in both challenges or may live in some other area of the country, like Chicago. Yes, there is a participant in both challenges who lives in Chicago.

So, for the month of November here are the results:

Lincoln Omaha
Riders 64 87
Trips 1843 1660
Distance 6544.42 12894.51
Time Riding 14 days 20:37:01 10 days 16:39:54

Looks like Omaha is leading in the miles category while Lincoln is dominating in the number of trips and time spent riding. Can't wait to see how things fare when the weather goes bad. There will definitely be a special foul weather edition of these results. Keep it up everyone.

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